Comm(ent|it) uses the Github API and Jekyll to help you store visitors comments directly in your repository.

Connect with Github

Just link the service to your Github account and give the neccesary permissions to Comm(ent|it). Unless you ask for it, we will never commit to master. We create a feature branch and make pull requests. Github can also be used to authenticate your readers when they comment.

Edit your Jekyll template

Just add our form to your post template. The form adapts to your site color and style, and use as few javascript as possible. Then, use Liquid to loop over the list of comments and display them the way you want !

Moderate with Git

By default, each comment generates a commit on a feature branch. A pull request is sent to merge the branch. To moderate comments before merging, just use $ git rebase -i master and remove the unwanted comm(ent|it)s.